College Mission

Vision Statement

We take pride in our unique role as an accredited college of veterinary medicine and the opportunities this bestows. Our passion is to improve the health and well-being of animals, for the benefit of the animals, their owners, agribusiness, biomedical research and thus, society. We will achieve our vision by providing compassionate, world-class health care and diagnostic services and by conducting translational veterinary research (bench to clinic). Furthermore, we will realize our vision, in part, by investing ourselves in training students and veterinary professionals and encouraging them to embrace and perpetuate our vision. We are driven to accomplish our vision by the knowledge that our calling will better the life of society and the animals entrusted to our care.

Mission Statement

To protect and improve the health and quality of animal and human well-being while contributing to the economic development of Mississippi and surrounding regions by providing quality professional veterinary  education, advancing research in veterinary and biomedical fields, and serving the community through excellent diagnostics, clinical care, and shared learning.



The College of Veterinary Medicine will have:

  • Faculty, staff, and students who anticipate, address and meet societal needs through veterinary education, veterinary and biomedical research and professional veterinary services.
  • A conscientious and ethical approach regarding the stewardship of human, animal and fiscal resources.
  • Operating flexibility and financial stability by diversifying and expanding funding.
  • A cooperative, people-centered culture that recognizes and celebrates continuous improvement of individuals, programs and processes.