Basic Sciences

The Department of Basic Sciences was established in July 2001. The department faculty and staff represent the basic scientific disciplines that are required for education of veterinarians. Research focus areas include infectious diseases and immunology (including diseases of important food animal species), digital biology (biological computing, bioinformatics and systems biology) and toxicology. The widely used AgBase molecular biology database was developed and is maintained by members of the Department of Basic Sciences, and the Center for Environmental Health Sciences, which is involved in toxicology and health disparities research, is located in the Department of Basic Sciences. The department fulfills all missions of the land grant university triad, i.e., research, teaching and service. Among the department’s service components are its fish diagnostic services. One of the faculty members in this department is recognized by the OIE (international animal disease organization) as an expert who may be consulted with regard to selected fish diseases. 

The Department of Basic Sciences is involved in the management and delivery of the first year of the veterinary curriculum, and members of the department play key roles in a program designed to provide veterinary students with a high quality research experience in the summer. In addition to participation in the freshman veterinary curriculum, faculty in the department are heavily involved in providing classes and training activities for graduate and post doctoral students.

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Contact Information

Robert W. Wills, Ph.D.
Department Head

Mississippi State University

College of Veterinary Medicine

Department of Basic Sciences

P.O. Box 6100

Mississippi State, MS 39762-6100

Phone: 662-325-1130

Fax: 662-325-8884 
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Gail Bishop
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 662-325-1130
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Faculty Listing

Digital Biology (Proteomics, Genomics,
Systems Biology and Gene Ontology)

Coyne, Cody
Karsi, Attila
Lawrence, Mark
Nanduri, Bindu  

Infectious Diseases and Immunology
Abdelhamed, Hossam
Coyne, Cody

Hanson, Larry
Kaplan, Barb
Karsi, Attila
Keun Seok Seo
Lawrence, Mark
Petrie-Hanson, Lora
Pharr, Todd
Pinchuk, Lesya
Rosser, Graham

Pruett, Stephen
Stokes, Andrea Varela
Wang, Chinling

Carr, Russell
Chambers, Jan

Toxicology and Pharmacology
Carr, Russell
Chambers, Jan
Coyne, Cody
Howell, George
Kaplan, Barb
Pruett, Stephen
Ross, Matthew

Adjunct Professors
Bohach, Greg
Chatokondi, Nagaraj
Cunningham, Fred
Donaldson, Janet
Fowler, David
Hruska, Zuzana
King, Tommy
Paddock, Christopher
Park, Yong Ho
Peebles, David
Peterson, Brian C.
Smith, James Leif
Swiatlo, Edwin
Waldbeiser, Geoff
Willard, Scott

Emeritus Professors
Ainsworth, Gerald
Jones, Edwin W. (Deceased)
Pote, Linda (Deceased)

News & Accolades