Pathobiology & Population Medicine

The Department of Pathobiology and Population Medicine (PPM) is diverse in function, specialty and geographic location, but the foundational role is diagnostic and clinical service. Our faculty provide diagnostic and animal health assistance for Mississippi poultry, livestock and companion animals through their work in the Mississippi Veterinary Research Diagnostic Laboratory (MVRDL) at Jackson and Starkville.

PPM faculty staff the catfish diagnostic laboratory, located at the Thad Cochran Warmwater Aquaculture Center, and support the Mississippi catfish industry with diagnostic service, on-farm consultation and catfish disease research.

Mississippi food animal industries receive assistance with animal health problems through our intensive in-hospital patient care, as well as on-farm, real world animal care. We have faculty who specialize in reproductive problems in animals, and they make extensive use of the Morgan Freeman Equine Reproduction Research Unit to improve knowledge of equine reproductive disorders.

Lastly, faculty specializing in food safety, public health and epidemiology (the study of disease in large populations) assist our poultry and processing industries to identify and manage food safety hazards. We use our service activities to involve veterinary and graduate students in case and herd management. Real world problems become our research projects, and we work to create knowledge for today.

Diagnostic Laboratory System

The MSU-CVM Student Chapter of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists

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Pathobiology & Population Medicine 
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Diagnostic Laboratory Services
Austin, Frank
Badial, Peres
Baughman, Brittany
Baumgartner, Wes
Bulla, Camilo
Jack, Skip
Morgan, Tim
Olivier, Alicia
Williams, Matthew

Theriogenology (Animal Reproduction)
King, Heath
Ryan, Peter
Smith, Jack
Sidelinger, Darcie

Internal Medicine
Beam, Jennifer
Grissett, Gretchen
Fleming, Sherrill
Woolums, Amelia

Mississippi Veterinary Research
and Diagnostic Laboratory (Jackson, MS)

Pace, Lanny
Rose, Heidi
Vice, Carol
Yan, Lifang

Mississippi Poultry Diagnostic
Laboratory (Jackson, MS)
Banda, Alajandro

Magee, Danny

Pulido-Landinez, Martha

Thad Cochran Warmwater Aquaculture
Center Catfish Diagnostic Laboratory
Gaunt, Patricia
Griffin, Matt
Khoo, Lester

Field Services
Brett, Jim
Christiansen, David
Walters, Kevin

Epidemiology and Public
Health Practice
Bailey, Hart
Epperson, Bill
Hoblet, Kent
Huston, Carla
Khaitsa, Margaret
Smith, David R.
Wills, Robert

Marine Mammal/IMMS
Moore, Debra

Chisholm, Cari
Jumper, Issac
Mamaliger, Nataly
McNulty, Kaylin
Taylor, Ryan
Thompson, Alexis

Jessica Cowley

Adjunct Professor
Dr. Victoria Hall
Dr. Christopher McGee
Dr. Florence W. Studstill