Specialty Services


Our emergency veterinarians and nursing staff are available 24/7 and are trained to handle complicated and demanding emergencies. Some situations for which you might seek emergency care include:

Hit by car
Physical trauma
Broken bones
Cat with open-mouth breathing
Heavy bleeding
Difficulty breathing
Ingestion/suspected ingestion of toxic substance/medicine
Foaming at mouth
Blue/purple or pale gums
Cat straining to urinate
Difficulty giving birth
Unable to stand/walk; any kind of paralysis
Suspected heat stroke



We provide surgical expertise for complex emergency and elective procedures, including orthopedic, soft tissue, and neurosurgery. Surgical services also include:

Dog hip surgery
Dog knee surgery
Dog Elbow surgery
Fracture repair
Spinal surgery



Skin diseases can be a manifestation of a host of serious internal diseases in addition to threating a pet's quality of life. Our dermatology service specializes in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of many diseases of the ears, hair and nails.

Allergy testing
Allergen-specific immunotherapy
Infectious skin disease
Immune-mediated skin disease
Hair & skin abnormalities
Chronic ear infections
Parasite infestations
Diseases of feet/footpads/nails


Internal Medicine





AERC Emergency Services