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behavior1We are a non-referral service to help if you experiencing a behavior problem with your animal. Some of the common problems that we treat are aggression, separation anxiety, house soiling, fears, phobias, compulsive behaviors, cognitive dysfunction, excessive vocalization, jumping, mouthing, hyperactivity, barking and over grooming to name a few. Our goal of a behavior appointment is to help you understand your pets behavior and to help you and your pet live together more comfortably and safely.

We also offer pre-adoption consultations, new adopted/new pet appointments, and exotic animal, farm animal and equine behavior appointments.

For your convenience, please complete one of the behavior forms below to save you time upon your arrival.

Behavior Forms
Canine Behavior Form
Feline Behavior Form
Avian Behavior Form

Clinician, MSU-CVM

Christine D. Calder, DVM

calder christine-webDr. Calder is a graduate of Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. After several years in general practice in the Northeast she has returned to Starkville and completed a residency in veterinary behavior. Dr. Calder’s clinical areas of interest include feline behavior, shelter medicine behavior, and the prevention of behavioral problems in pets


Who will we see?

Dogs, Cats, Birds, Horses, Pocket Pets, or any other pet just ask.

What Type of Cases do we see?

Fears, Phobias, and Anxiety
Compulsive Disorders
Elimination outside the litter box
Feather Picking Behavior- Birds
Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome
Excessive Vocalization
Destructive Chewing
And many more

All initial consults include:

  • Evaluation
  • Diagnosis
  • Prognosis
  • Written Treatment Plan with instructions, handouts, and videos
  • 3 months of follow-up via phone/email

What to Bring to the Consult:

  • Your pet
  • Favorite treats
  • Favorite toys
  • Bed
  • Anything else your animal enjoys.

Other Important Information:

  • Do not feed your pet the morning of the appointment (we want them hungry) and bring special treats or food from home.
  • Please provide your veterinarians name and contact information so that records can be faxed before the appointment.
  • A receptionist will send you a history form. Please return this history form via email, fax, or mail at least 3 days before their appointment.  The address to return this form is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Recent bloodwork and other records from your veterinarian is always welcome and encouraged.  A CBC and Serum Chemistry is a minimum if medications are prescribed. 

Scheduling an Appointment

To schedule an appointment or to inquire about fees please call the hospital at 662-325-1351 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Thunderstorm Phobia
Separation Anxiety