Diagnostic Imaging: FAQ

If I know my pet will be having radiographs or an ultrasound, do I need to do anything special before we arrive?

We prefer that your pet does not eat in the morning before coming to radiology.  Please check with your veterinarian to make sure it is safe for your pet to not eat before the appointment.

Will having radiographs taken be painful for my pet?

Your pet’s comfort and health is our priority.  We do everything we can to minimize discomfort while images are being obtained.  Most animals do very well with the mild restraint required.  However, if your pet is in pain, has just been injured, or is too stressed, we will request pain medication and/or a sedative to minimize any pain and discomfort.

I know that radiation is used for radiographs.  Is that safe for my pet?

Yes!  The amount of radiation your pet will be exposed to is very low.

My pet is having an ultrasound performed.  Why does the fur on the abdomen have to be clipped?

The ultrasound beam does not penetrate fur.  We want to get the best results possible so that your pet can get good care.  We will only clip what is necessary to get optimal images.