Combined DVM-Graduate Degree Programs

020 20130116 tjtA student in our DVM professional curriculum can simultaneously pursue the MS or PhD degree while working toward completion of the DVM degree. Students wishing to pursue the DVM and a graduate degree simultaneously are carefully screened for admission because of the rigorous requirements and time commitments necessary to work on two degrees simultaneously. Eighteen hours of graduate credit course work can be used as electives for the DVM degree. For general information regarding graduate education in the college click here.



049 20150206 tjtA student wishing to obtain a MS while working on his/her DVM degree must be officially admitted to the MSU Graduate School. Students seeking a MS degree can choose a thesis or non-thesis option. Credit hour requirements for either option range from 35 to 40 hours. A student choosing the thesis option must complete and defend a research project as part of his/her comprehensive final exam. Students in the non-thesis option must take a qualifying exam and a final comprehensive exam. A student could be awarded the MS degree at the same time he/she receives the DVM. In some cases the MS degree is awarded 6 to 9 months after the DVM degree has been awarded. Students pursuing the MS degree in Veterinary Medical Sciences can emphasize or focus on a commodity (beef, dairy, poultry, aquaculture) or specialize in a scientific discipline such as bacteriology, parasitology, virology, immunology, bioinformatics or epidemiology, to name a few.



036 20130401 tjtThe simultaneous pursuit of a DVM and PhD degree requires a highly motivated student who can handle a rigorous course load. Students seeking admission to this program go through a two-step interview process. The student is interviewed for admission into the DVM professional education program and the graduate program of the college. A student admitted to the DVM-PhD program takes graduate coursework and after two years begins the DVM professional education curriculum. Completion of the DVM-PhD program will require at least 7 years in most cases; however, this is shorter in time by 1 to 2 years than if the degrees were pursued separately.