International Programs

PP6Many of the health problems in the world today not only impact   humans, but also animals and the environment. To find solutions to the challenges facing the world, MSU CVM is working with scientists, physicians, veterinarians, and other professionals from around the world as part of the One Health Initiative. Working together within a global context has led to the development of unique collaborations. Through global outreach, extension, research, and academic programs, MSU faculty and students are able to break down barriers that have previously hindered the sharing of information between health fields to accelerate the progress of advancements.

CVM students are enthusiastic about learning, teaching, and volunteering around the world. CVM encourages our students to combine foreign travel and/or cultural immersion with training, education, and service projects. Such experiences provide students with an international perspective that expands their future career opportunities and promotes the international application of veterinary skills, education and knowledge.

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