Center of Biomedical Research Excellence in Pathogen-Host Interactions

Grant Number P20GM103646


Leadership Team

  • Dr. Stephen B. Pruett, Principal Investigator
  • Dr. Mark L. Lawrence, Director of “omics” Core
  • Dr. Giselle Thibaudeau, Director of Cellular Isolation and Analysis Core




External Advisory Committee

  • Dr. David E. Briles, Department of Microbiology, University of Alabama Birmingham
  • Dr. Jürgen Richt, Regents Professor, Kansas State University
  • Dr. Robert Moritz, Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle, WA
  • Dr. Gus Kousoulas, LSU School of Veterinary Medicine



  • Janet Donaldson: Karen Coats (MSU); Tjakko Abbee (Wageningen U., The Netherlands)
  • Mariola Edelmann: Susan Bridges and Greg Bohach (MSU); James Bliska (SUNY Stony Brook)
  • Bindu Nanduri: Stephen Pruett (MSU); Edwin Swiatlo (U. Mississippi Medical Center)
  • Keun Seok Seo: Mark Lawrence (MSU); Patrick Schlievert (U. Minnesota Medical Center)
  • Henry Wan: Larry Hanson (MSU); Richard Webby (St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital) and Robert Woods (U. Georgia)


MSU-COBRE Biomedical Research Seminar Series

  • Purpose
    • Provide a forum for investigators in our Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) to share their findings with colleagues at MSU
    • Provide a forum for distinguished biomedical scientists from other institutions to present their work and keep us current on the latest developments
    • Provide distinguished scientists an opportunity to see our facilities and meet our scientists and thus enhance the reputation of MSU
    • Include a special seminar in which the speaker is selected by graduate students and post-doctoral researchers
    • Enhance awareness of infectious diseases research to faculty and administrators at MSU
  • Check back soon for schedule

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