Clinical Sciences

The Department of Clinical Sciences is dedicated to clinical and academic excellence and focuses on the issues affecting companion animals and horses. Faculty members have specialty training and represent the following disciplines: Anesthesiology, Behavior, Clinical Pharmacology, Dentistry, Dermatology, Equine Surgery, Equine Medicine Neurology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Primary Care, Radiology, Shelter Medicine/Epidemiology, Small Animal Surgery, and Small Animal Internal Medicine.  Our faculty members teach veterinary students these disciplines throughout the curriculum. Veterinarians in the Department of Clinical Sciences hold appointments in the Animal Health Center where they provide clinical service to animal owners and referring veterinarians. Third and fourth year veterinary students spend much of their time in the Animal Health Center, working alongside clinicians, interns and residents, refining the clinical training which they started in the second year of the professional program.

Research in the department reflects the various disciplines represented and concentrates on problems relevant to the causes, diagnosis and treatment of problems affecting companion animals and horses. The department offers residencies in Anesthesia, Equine Internal Medicine, Equine Surgery, Neurology, Primary Care (ABVP), Radiology, Small Animal Medicine, and Small Animal Surgery, as well as a number of specialty internships. We also offer MS and PhD degrees with a variety of emphases.

We welcome you to our departmental section with the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine web site. If you would like more information, please contact us.


Dr. Andrew Mackin
Head, Department of Clinical Sciences
Phone: 662-325-6631
Fax: 662-325-4011
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Ashley Kemp
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 662-325-1266
Fax: 662-325-4011
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Archer, Todd
Beasley, Michaela
Betbeze, Caroline
Brashier, Michael
Brinkman, Erin
Brookshire, Cooper
Bryan, Christine
Burt, Joey
Butler, Ryan
Cade, Jeb
Daniel, Aimee
Eddy, Alison
Eubanks, Diana
Fontenot, Robin
Grace, Sharon
Grady, Jesse
Gunter, Juli 
Hinz, Simone
Jaffe, Michael
Lack, Amy
Langston, Cory
Lathan, Patty
Lee, Alison
Linford, Robert
Mackin, Andrew
Marquardt, Taya
McLaughlin, Ronald
Meyer, Robert
Milewski, Mary
Mochal, Cathleen
Moore, Talisha
Nabors, Ben
Natalini, Claudio C.
Seitz, Marc
Shivley, Jacob
Shores, Andy
Sullivant, Alyssa
Swanson, Elizabeth
Swiderski, Cyprianna
Telle, Becky
Thomason, John
Woodruff, Kimberly
Willeford, Bridget

Residents/Graduate Students
Castaldo, Sarah
Coll, Ashley
Cormier, Kamille
Cridge, Harry
Frum, Julianna
Galati, Pam
Gibson, Ryan
Henderson, Brittany-Moore
Hatfield, Jordan
Jumper, Issac
Little, Alison
Mamaliger, Nataly
Seitz, Marc
Shane, Sarah
Sidelinger, Darcie
Taylor, Ryan
Tollefson, Chris
Whitney, Melody
Yang, Sharon

Adjunct Professors
Barringer-Eaves, Christine
Bethany, Jessie
Costa, Lais
Frondoza, Carmelita
Fulton, Linda
Grady, Andrew
Gowan, Michael
Hidalgo, Patricia
Ivy, Clay
Jones, Tracie
Kelly, Joseph
Krecic, Matt R.
Lodato, Dena
Lanz, Otto
Maran, Brian
McRorie, Johnson 
Miller, William
Norsworthy, Gary
Pasquali, Marzia 
Phillips, Darrell
Poole, Melinda
Syrcle, Jason
Vice, J. Donnie
Wardlaw, Jennifer

Emeritus Professors
Boring, J. Gregg
Bushby, Philip
Cooper, Robert
Harkness, John
Jennings, Dave
Tyner, Lee